I am the designer and founder of OMG Inc. and I would like to welcome you to my blog for OMG! Inc. It is with great excitement that I begin my journey to share with you my thoughts, outfits and inspirations in the world of OMG!.

OMG! Inc. for me has been a labor of love and commitment. For a year and a half it was at the cutting edge of Second Life fashion and was my baby. Now, after a two year hiatus, i have brought OMG! Inc back making my vision for clothing a reality again.

Like many designers, whose work is a progression of themselves, my ideas for OMG! Inc have changed over the years, from its beginnings of gothic glam with a focus on evening wear, to its current state of modern Rock ‘n’ Roll, with some feminine touches thrown in. I also hope to do more of my favorite work, which is evening gowns, alongside a new line, both with the attention to detail and class that fans of OMG! have come to expect and want.

Best Regards,

Kaddan Yue